Families at Folding Guard: Ode to the Ortegas

Read more about another Family of Folding Guard: the Ortegas, with over 30 years combined working here at Folding Guard.


What 2020 Has Taught Us About Workplace Safety

We've all learned a lot this past year, particularly about safety. For some tips on how to keep your facility safe, both during the pandemic and moving forward, check out this week's blog.


Loading Dock Safety & How to Keep Your Staff Safe

A loading dock is often the busiest area in any facility, but it can also be the most dangerous. Check out this month’s Spotlight on Safety for some tips on how to keep your loading dock safe.


What is a Data Center Partition?

With companies moving their businesses online more and more in today’s landscape, data protection has never been more important. Check out this week’s blog to find out what a data center is and how companies like Folding Guard help to keep them safe and secure with our products.


Veterans Day: Spotlight on Service Special Edition

Happy Veterans Day! For this month’s edition of Spotlight on Service, we want to recognize and thank the veterans who have come to work at Folding Guard.


Hazardous Material Safety and Storage

In this month's Spotlight on Safety, we're discussing proper storage and handling of potentially hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Improper chemical handling can be a recipe for disaster, so read on to learn what precautions you can take to make your facility safer.


Adelmo, Alejandro, and Alejandra: Three of a Kind

It’s time for another installment of Families at Folding Guard! This month, we spoke with Adelmo, Alejandro, and Alejandra: a father, son, and daughter who all work together here at FG. Check out our blog to learn more about their family!


What Makes Storage Lockers Safe & Secure?

Safety and security are always important, especially when choosing a storage locker! Find out why, and figure out which type of locker will work best for you in this week’s blog.


Prevent Workplace Injuries with Safety & Ergonomics

Not every workplace injury is the result of a slip, trip, or fall. Some build over time as the result of repetitive motion. Learn how to prevent harmful stress injuries in this week’s Spotlight on Safety!


Meet Martin: 32 Years of Service

In this month’s Spotlight on Service, meet Martin, who has been with Folding Guard for a whopping 32 years, and has woven himself a great career here!


The Lifecycle of a Folding Guard Project

We take a lot of pride in our work here at FG, and we know our customers appreciate our quality products. But what goes into the creation of those products? Check out this week's blog to learn how our projects go from idea to fruition!

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