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On The Job: John Caramanna, Northeast Regional Sales Manager

Learn what it takes to succeed as a Regional Sales Manager as we go "on the job" with John Caramanna.


Our FG Pillars: Employee Safety, Warehouse Security & Storage Solutions

At Folding Guard, we pride ourselves on creating the best wire mesh products to meet our clients’ safety, security, and storage needs. Check out this week’s blog to find out how those three categories define our business and guide our versatile product lines.


Why is Standardization Important to Safety?

Standardizing products and processes can help improve the safety of your operation. Find out more about ISO and the standardization process in this month’s Spotlight on Safety.


On The Job: Jim Marcordes, Quality Assurance Process Engineer

In this month’s On The Job blog, we spoke with Jim Marcordes to find out what goes into being a Quality Assurance Process Engineer, and how he’s helping FG streamline our processes.


Client Collaboration: The Folding Guard Way

Finding a custom fencing solution for your safety, security, and storage needs can be tough. Luckily, Folding Guard is here to help. Check out this week’s blog to learn how our engineering and sales teams take a collaborative approach to creating custom products for our clients.


No Shortcuts to Workplace Safety

Oftentimes in the workplace, it can be tempting to rush through tasks or take shortcuts in the name of efficiency, but that usually means sacrificing safety. Check out this month’s Spotlight on Safety to learn the importance of slowing down to stay safe.


On The Job: Theo Little, Powder Line Operator

This week, we went on the job with Theo Little to learn all about what it takes to operate a powder coating line. To learn more about Theo and the powder process, check out our blog!


We’re Partial to Partitions

At Folding Guard, we have partitions to meet all needs. What can partitions do for your facility, and which one is right for you? Check out this week’s blog to find out.


Weather The Storm: Tackling Facility Weather Safety

Spring may finally be here, but inclement weather and natural disasters can occur at any time of year. Check out this month's Spotlight on Safety to make sure your facility is prepared!


On The Job: Doris Jimenez, Plant Manager

Read more about Doris Jimenez, our Plant Manager who has put her years of experience and interpersonal skills to better our daily operations at Folding Guard.


The Importance of Pallet Rack Backing

Protect your workers and inventory by adding pallet rack backing to your racking systems. Learn more about the safety features of different varieties of backing in this week’s blog.

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