On The Job: Theo Little, Powder Line Operator


It’s time for another installation of our “On the Job” series, where we’re taking an in-depth look at Folding Guard with the dedicated employees who keep the company running every day. This month, we went on the job with Theo Little, an Operator in the Powder department.

Preparation and Organization is Key

Theo has been working at Folding Guard for five years now, and he’s spent the majority of his time here working on the powder line. Powder coating is the sturdy alternative to standard paint, and it’s used to great effect on industrial products like our safety and security welded wire mesh products here at FG.

According to Theo, a typical day on the powder line is full of hard work and hustle. After he first punches in, Theo heads straight to the powder line to make sure the area is clean and put together whatever materials need to be ready, as well as carts, bases, and extensions for the materials after they’re prepped. He likes starting out his day prepared and organized.

On the Powder Coat Line

Once the line starts moving, Theo says teamwork is the name of the game. The line moves fairly constantly, so the Powder Team needs to be on top of things and help one another out. First, the raw material is hung on the line. Next, it goes through the wash to remove any excess oil, dirt, or general “gook”.

After the wash, the material will head through the dryer so that it’s ready to take on the powder. After going through the dryer, it heads straight into powder, where a variety of colors can be applied. It’s then baked in the oven to seal the powder, and finally it emerges with a nice shiny coat.

Theo is typically waiting at the end of the line wearing protective gloves, ready to remove the material from the line. He then secures the material to a base, tags it, and takes it to whatever department needs it next.

“It’s a very physical job. There are certain materials that are heavy, medium,
or light, [so] manpower is needed on the line. [On] a typical day, you have to
put a little more hustle to it, mentally find that extra strength,” Theo says
about his work days.

There’s no doubt that all of that hard work pays off. Theo and the rest of the Powder Team are dedicated to meeting their quotas and goals every day. “I like to know that what was on the list was done and accomplished. [It] makes me feel good.”

Team Player Inside and Out of FG

But Theo’s busy days don’t end when he leaves work. “When I punch out here, I punch in at home,” he laughs. A devoted family man whose grandchildren call him “Paw Paw,” Theo tries to spend as much time as possible with his wife, children, and grandkids. “I like to go out to dinner with them, have family time, movie time, and just spend time with them,” he says.

With his friendly attitude and proactive approach to teamwork, Theo certainly embodies the camaraderie and work ethic we pride ourselves on here at Folding Guard. “I take pride in my work,” he says simply; and we’re proud to have dedicated employees like Theo as part of our Folding Guard team.