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Families at Folding Guard: Ode to the Ortegas

Read more about another Family of Folding Guard: the Ortegas, with over 30 years combined working here at Folding Guard.


Adelmo, Alejandro, and Alejandra: Three of a Kind

It’s time for another installment of Families at Folding Guard! This month, we spoke with Adelmo, Alejandro, and Alejandra: a father, son, and daughter who all work together here at FG. Check out our blog to learn more about their family!


Sister Acct: Maria and Yolanda, Accounting Sisters

We’re proud to be a family-oriented company, which is why we’re featuring a set of sisters in our accounting department, who have worked side by side at Folding Guard for over 25 years!


The Villaseñors: Best Friends, Coworkers, Father and Son

At Folding Guard we’re proud to have staff who are more than just co-workers. Learn about our dynamic father-son duo who work together in our plant here at FG!


The Patino Powerhouse: Families at Folding Guard

In this month’s Families at Folding Guard, we’re taking a look at the Patino Family: Marco, Jasmin, and Guadalupe. Read on to find out more about the Patino Powerhouse!


The Cardenas Family – Finding Love at Folding Guard

Welcome to our Families at Folding Guard Blog Series! Today, we're focusing on the Cardenas family - a couple who actually met thanks to Folding Guard!