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What is Powder Coating?

What is powder coating and why is it better than a simple coat of paint? Read more about the process that improves the look and increases the durability of your fabricated metal products here!


The Cardenas Family – Finding Love at Folding Guard

Welcome to our Families at Folding Guard Blog Series! Today, we're focusing on the Cardenas family - a couple who actually met thanks to Folding Guard!


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In any manufacturing facility, safety needs to be the number one priority. Personal Protective Equipment is the first line of defense employees have to protect themselves from hazards.


Why does your facility need a Driver Cage?

Injury, theft, hazards, and liability: these are just a few of the issues you can avoid at your facility by installing a Facility Access Security Cage to your loading dock.


Forty Years at Folding Guard

Welcome to our new Spotlight on Service blog series, where we get to highlight the hardworking members of our Folding Guard team. This week, we're shining the spotlight on Fidel, who's been at FG for forty years!


2019 Employees of the Month: A Year in Review

At Folding Guard, we're proud to employ the best in the business. In order to recognize our employees and the exceptional work they do every day, we implemented an Employee of the Month program in 2019.


Facility Safety – What can you do?

How can I keep my facility safe? Broadly speaking, safety can be accomplished by remembering these three key words: awareness, communication, and action.

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