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To us, the word trust has multiple meanings. Most obvious, of course, is the trust offered by our safety, security and storage solutions. People depend on our products to protect their property and ensure their personal safety, so earning and keeping our customers’ trust is imperative.

Trust, however, always starts internally; on the floor, in our office, between departments and colleagues. Here at Folding Guard®, trust leads us to accomplish great things.

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since 1962

Folding Guard® was founded more than half a century ago in Chicago and has been a fixture of the industrial community ever since. For decades, we have stayed true to our mission: to continuously improve our products and processes to make the right level of safety, security and storage available to each and every customer.

Our products may be our pride and joy, but our customers are our number one priority. Caring for people has become a natural part of our DNA through decades of dedicated work.

Businesses of all kinds, in every part of the US, are using Folding Guard® solutions to support the welfare of employees and to ensure that everyday work runs as smoothly as possible. That’s why we believe there is no time to waste when it comes to making workplaces safe and secure.

We take pride in delivering on time and challenging ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers at every step. In our plant, we’ve found that a mix of human skills and modern technology is the key to success. This results in efficient production, a high level of precision, and quality control down to the smallest details.

Since 2016, Folding Guard® has been a part of the Troax Group — one of the international leaders in industrial safety. Troax has been in this business as long as we have — and we have a common view of the future: there are always better solutions in safety, security and storage waiting out there. By working together and letting trust be our guiding light, we will find them.


Steel going

It took a special kind of commitment to make this happen. At the dawn of the 20th century, Chicago was recognized as one of the world’s five largest cities. Less than one hundred years earlier, settlement in the area had consisted of little more than a trading post on the river bank.

Chicago Rugged W

Steel played an essential role in this urban growth of unprecedented proportions. Steelmaking had just been rationalized, and the innovative use of steel frames for buildings helped the city of Chicago to aim ever higher — eventually creating the world’s first skyscrapers.

Folding Guard® was founded in 1962, when Chicago’s steel industry was still at its peak. In our hands, steel would once again show its versatility and usefulness — first as sturdy folding gates, then as protective wire products. Since then we have survived and thrived through five decades of more complex business structures, tougher competition and higher demands. No challenge has been too tough to overcome.

Today, steel continues to be the strong framework for Folding Guard®. But the commitment, the pride and the trust is all about people — our customers, who return to us year after year for all their safety, security and storage needs, and our dedicated employees, who take pride in their work each and every day.

Welding Folding Guard Products

on the wire

Real people are essential to the production of all safety, security and storage solutions from Folding Guard®. Human hands, eyes and minds can never be fully replaced by machines and automation in our business. The reliability expected from the end result is just too important.

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The modular systems that Folding Guard® products are based on allow us to specialize our designs to fit your specific needs. Together we can find the safety, security or storage solution that works best for you.

After more than fifty years in the business, we know that steel wire products have almost endless possibilities. If you have a unique problem that you’re not sure how to tackle, our industry experts are here to help you. By working closely together with you, our customer service and design experts will find and implement the most durable and cost-efficient system for your space.

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It’s easy to get in touch with Folding Guard®. We have a nationwide dealer network ready to take care of all your safety, security and storage needs. All dealers in our network have extensive knowledge of our products and are able to coordinate your entire project from design to installation.


Our products are designed for easy planning and installation. You can email your plans directly to our design team for a fast, accurate turnaround. Whether you need help planning and designing before, during or after installation, our customer service team is always available with our toll-free assistance.

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