Sister Acct: Maria and Yolanda, Accounting Sisters

We’re proud to be a family-oriented company, which is why we’re featuring a set of sisters in our accounting department, who have worked side by side at Folding Guard for over 25 years!


Framed vs. Frameless: Which Mesh Partition is Right For You?

Find which mesh partition works best for your safety and security needs with Folding Guard’s wire partition options.


Stop, Drop, and Read Up on Fire Safety!

Fire safety doesn’t end in school! Find out how to make sure your team and facility are prepared for a fire emergency in this month’s Spotlight on Safety.


Long Live Lulu – 17 Years at FG and Counting!

Lourdes "Lulu" Lopez is a General Operator who has been working for FG for 17 years! Check out this week's Spotlight on Service to learn more about Lulu and her time with us.


What Is A Loss Prevention Cabinet, and Do I Really Need One?

Security is of the utmost importance for any business, but don’t just safeguard the big things; protect your small valuables, important files, and more with a Loss Prevention Cabinet. Check out this week’s blog to learn more!


Machine Safety vs. Machine Guarding: Is There a Difference?

What is the difference between machine safety and machine guarding? Can you be doing more to ensure the safety of your employees who work with machines? Check out this week's Spotlight on Safety to find out!


The Villaseñors: Best Friends, Coworkers, Father and Son

At Folding Guard we’re proud to have staff who are more than just co-workers. Learn about our dynamic father-son duo who work together in our plant here at FG!


Safely Store With Saf-T-Stor®!

Store your gas cylinder tanks safely and securely with Saf-T-Stor® storage lockers. Keep your tanks safe from unauthorized access, theft and damage.


ANSI Standards and Why Your Business Should Comply With Them

In the manufacturing industry, it’s important to adhere to industrial standards for high-quality products and exemplary worker safety. Although voluntary, read more about why ANSI standards should be complied with for a multitude of benefits.


Mary Meraz – Shipping Coordinator Extraordinaire

It's time for another Spotlight on Service! This month, we're proud to highlight Mary Meraz, who has worked for Folding Guard for twenty-three years. Check out her Spotlight to learn more!


Welded vs. Woven: The Great Mesh Debate

When it comes to safety, security, and storage, choosing the right kind of protective fencing is of the utmost importance. Check out this week’s blog to find out if welded or woven wire is better suited for your needs.

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