Our FG Pillars: Employee Safety, Warehouse Security & Storage Solutions


Here at Folding Guard, our business is based on creating excellent products for three central purposes: safety, security, and storage. In this blog, we’ll take a look at all three, and examine which of our products is designed for each purpose, to give you a better understanding of what Folding Guard can do for you.


Safety should be the first priority of any business, especially an industrial one. At Folding Guard, our machine guarding fences are the pinnacle of our safety-focused products. Machine guarding is incredibly important in any manufacturing setting, protecting employees, visitors, and other passers-by from getting too close to the large machines, moving parts, and robotics.

In addition to maintaining a safe warehouse environment by keeping people away from safety hazards, machine guarding protects bystanders in the event that something goes wrong with a machine; it will block any projectiles or rogue mechanisms from hitting nearby employees.

At FG, we make several kinds of machine guarding to fit any customer’s specifications. Our Saf-T-Fence® Machine Guarding system is excellent for quick installation and long-term durability. Our Versa Guard system features a tighter grid pattern than most machine guarding fences, which allows it to be installed closer to hazard than almost any other fence. Versa Guard™ also features simple mounting clips, which allows it to be very adaptable in the field during installation.

Another safety product we offer at FG is our Qwik-Fence® Pallet Rack Backing system. These mesh panels primarily function as a safety feature, fitting securely on the back of pallet racks to prevent items from falling into aisle ways and injuring employees.

However, pallet rack backing is one of our products that falls into several categories. Of course safety is the one that comes to mind first, but it also acts as a storage system, allowing for the safe storage of products at greater heights. Additionally, pallet rack backing acts as a security measure, preventing damage to inventory that could otherwise fall and break.


With incredible versatility, in fact, nearly all of our Safety products can also be used for security: Saf-T-Fence® and Qwik-Fence® both make excellent, adaptable partitions, great for Data Center security and for creating secure locked spaces inside larger areas. 

Our Stor-More® Loss Prevention Cabinets are another great FG security offering. Loss prevention cabinets are great for secure but visible storage in a back office. LPCs are often used for sensitive files, cash boxes, or other high value inventory.

In a similar vein, our Dispatcher Lockers (another product in the Stor-More® family) offer secure, individual storage compartments for employees, with the option of a rear door for employers or managers to insert work orders or equipment for individual use. These lockers are excellent examples of our more versatile products, falling into the storage category, in addition to security.


Of course, nearly all of our products, including partitions, can be counted under the storage category: you can use partitions to create an entire store room inside a larger space, for example. But for the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the more tailored storage solution products we offer.

Our Stor-More® Tenant Storage Lockers, for example, are specifically designed for apartment buildings to offer their tenants additional storage in spaces like garages or basements. Our tenant storage lockers are incredibly adaptable in the field, able to be cut around obstructions like pipes, and stacked or trimmed to each client’s specifications in order to optimize space.

Our TA-50 Military Lockers are great for storing military gear and personnel equipment, with a sturdy design and a welded mesh exterior that allows for both ventilation and quick visual inspection.

We also offer Gas Cylinder Cabinets in our Saf-T-Stor® line, which are another one of our versatile products which branches out from the storage pillar into the safety pillar. Cylinder cabinets are designed to store gas cylinder tanks and protect them from damage and unauthorized access.


All of our products fall into at least one of our three pillars, offering safety, security, and storage options to meet every client’s needs. One thing we’re proud of, however, is the versatility of these products, most of which fall into at least two, if not all three, of the aforementioned categories.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s facility storage for high value items, a machine guarding system to protect your employees, or even a physical security system to protect your data center, Folding Guard has got you covered. With our wide variety of products and our dedication to excellence, you can trust the Guard to deliver the best solution to meet your needs.