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Pallet Rack Backing: Ensuring Safety in Material Handling Operations

Warehouses and distribution centers serve as critical hubs for material handling and storage. With the constant movement of goods and...


Protected: When to use Mesh Guarding for Safety, Security, or Storage: A Guide by Folding Guard

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Enhancing Warehouse Efficiency with Wire Mesh Partitions

As the primary hub for receiving, storage, and distribution of goods, warehouse efficiency is key to a successful business. It’s...


How Wire Mesh Lockers Improve Safety in Industrial Settings

In industrial settings, safety is of paramount importance. Employers strive to provide a secure environment for their workers and protect...


Custom Wire Mesh Partitions: Optimizing Space and Workflow

In today's dynamic industrial landscape, maximizing space utilization and optimizing workflow efficiency are critical for businesses to remain competitive. One...


Securing Data Centers with Wire Mesh Security Solutions

As technology continues to evolve exponentially, the need for secure data centers has become increasingly important. Data center facilities are...


What’s the Difference Between Machine Guarding and Machine Safety?

If you’re an owner of a manufacturing company or overseeing machinists, you’ve likely heard the terms “machine guarding” and “machine...


How Machine Guarding Keeps Robots and Your Employees Safe

Workplace automation carried out by industrial robots is becoming increasingly commonplace in the manufacturing world. As these exciting innovations begin...


How Machine Guarding Can Increase Your ROI

Did you know that machine guarding helps businesses eliminate direct and indirect costs of accidents and, ultimately, reduces bottom-line operating...


On The Job: Kelly Kusmider, Channel Sales Manager

This month, we went on the job with Kelly Kusmider to find out how her responsibilities as Channel Sales Manager help grow Folding Guard's business.


Finding Folding Guard: Where do our products go?

At Folding Guard, we manufacture high quality wire mesh products designed for safety, security, and storage. Check out this week’s blog to learn about the different types of businesses that use FG products!

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