On The Job: Jim Marcordes, Quality Assurance Process Engineer


It’s time for another installation of our On The Job blog series, where we get an inside look at Folding Guard from the amazing employees who put in the work every day.

This month, we spoke with Jim Marcordes, FG’s Quality Assurance Process Engineer. Jim is fairly new to Folding Guard, having joined the company in December of 2019, but he came to us with a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge. Jim worked for 37 years at another manufacturing company, maintaining their ISO (International Organization for Standardization) systems and oversaw the quality and safety of their operation.

Specializing in Quality and Consistency

As a Quality Assurance Process Engineer, Jim gets a unique perspective of the company and our operation. He technically works in the office, but he spends a large amount of his time on the plant floor, working with every department to ensure and maintain quality standards.

As the Quality Assurance Process Engineer, it is Jim’s responsibility to make sure each department is streamlined and consistent. He does this by ensuring that we are meeting ISO standards, and by giving everyone in each department frequent training meetings to maintain quality and consistency.

Jim is currently working on developing and updating work instruction booklets for every single department. These booklets (available in every employees’ native language) detail specific instructions, tool measurements, and procedures for every single position and task in each department. Developing these booklets, and providing continuous trainings when they’re updated, ensures that customers receive consistent, quality products.

Jim jokes that people often tell him he’s the most detail oriented person they know, and he always replies “but if I’m not, I’m gonna forget what I need to do!” It’s certainly a large task to work with and oversee the quality of every task for every department on the floor, so Jim communicates and works regularly with his Floor Quality Auditor, Tony.

“The main part of my job [is making sure we’re all] on the same page, doing the same thing, and [that] both shifts are doing things the same way.” Jim also oversees the ISO training that takes place in the second quarter of the year for everyone on the floor.

Jim’s job is certainly a large one with a lot of responsibility, and one he says gives him a great feeling of accomplishment. But when asked what his favorite part about his job is, Jim doesn’t miss a beat when he answers “The people! There are a lot of good people here who want to make a difference.”

Jim’s coworkers feel the same way about him. As an office employee who frequently works on the floor, he gets the chance to know and speak with just about everyone. One coworker remarked that Jim “never misses the chance to crack a dad joke.”

Out of the Office Life

We get a kick out of Jim’s dad jokes here at FG, and we’re sure his kids feel the same way. Jim and Wendy, his wife of 31 years (as of today!), share 2 kids and 4 grandkids, who Jim loves to spend time with. He also loves to read mysteries, and when there isn’t a pandemic happening, Jim really enjoys bowling.

Looking to FG’s Future

In regards to his career here at Folding Guard, Jim reiterates that his work gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he feels confident that “we’re going in the right direction.” We feel the same way, and with Jim as our Quality Assurance Process Engineer, we know our quality standards will only continue to climb.