We’re Partial to Partitions


Here at Folding Guard, we manufacture a wide variety of products designed to aid with Safety, Security, and Storage. From our durable Machine Guarding to our versatile Tenant Storage Lockers, our products are adaptable to every client’s needs.

Among our most versatile offerings are our partition systems. Our Saf-T-Fence®, and  Qwik-Fence®  partitions are made from wire mesh, and able to be designed to each client’s specifications. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways you can use partitions in your facility.

At Folding Guard, our products are divided into three categories: safety, security, and storage. Partitions fall largely into the security category. Facility Access Cages, or Driver Cages, are a very popular security application for our Saf-T-Fence® partitions.

Facility Access Cages

A Facility Access Cage is a fenced and locked holding area for delivery drivers who enter your facility. To avoid the safety and security concerns that come with having an unfamiliar person wander around your facility, a Facility Access Cage creates a comfortable waiting area for drivers. They can easily sign in or get their deliveries signed off through our service window kits, which can be installed in our Saf-T-Fence® and Qwik-Fence® partitions.

For safety and security reasons, it’s important to know who is in your facility at all times. A Facility Access cage made from partitions like Saf-T-Fence® can give you that peace of mind.

Saf-T-Fence®️ Partitions – Facility Access Cage

Unlimited Uses for All Types of Industries

Facility security is of the utmost importance, but partitions can be tailored to more specific security applications, as well. Partitions can create secure inventory rooms for high value storage, or even liquor and restaurant inventory controls.

In an office setting, partitions can be set up to create a separate file or supply room. Even security needs like DEA enclosures, evidence lock-ups, or storage for the US Postal Service can be met with the right partition.

Large and small retailers can use partitions for stock room storage. Building owners can create large tenant storage units. Museums can create secure artifact storage spaces. Even animal shelters and boarding facilities can use partitions to make large, comfortable spaces to keep the animals safe.

The application possibilities for partitions are truly limitless.


Safety First

Another safety and security risk you can address with partitions is access to electrical panels. With a wire mesh partition like Saf-T-Fence® or Qwik-Fence® (that can be cut around obstructions like pipes during installation), you can restrict access to dangerous or sensitive areas like electrical panels.

Data Centers also use partitions as a secure, well-ventilated solution to fence off their servers. All partition systems at FG can be installed with multiple door styles and access control configurations.

Image of Data center partition provided by Folding Guard
Saf-T-Fence®️ Partitions – Data Center

Partitions can also be used to create safe walkways and corridors throughout a facility. Our Saf-T-Fence®️ and Qwik-Fence®️ partitions can be installed to any height and width, making them ideal for large and small facilities alike. Such adaptable partitions are also great for reconfiguring a space without affecting visibility, lighting, or HVAC systems.

Saf-T-Fence®️ Partitions – Pedestrian Walkway

Customizable Partitions to Fit Your Needs

Partitions are among the most versatile safety and security solutions you can install in your facility. We even provide a variety of powder coat finishes, multiple access control options, and engineering assistance in order to meet your specific design specifications. Folding Guard’s partition systems are an efficient and effective way to keep your facility safe and secure.