The Patino Powerhouse: Families at Folding Guard


Welcome back to Families at Folding Guard, where we like to highlight some of the amazing families who work for our company. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on the Patino Family: Marco and Jasmin (brother and sister), and Guadalupe, Marco’s wife.

Marco was the first to join the Folding Guard family back in 2010, and he works as the lead in our Specials Welding department, creating our custom orders. While working at FG, he met his wife Guadalupe. Too nervous to speak to her at first, he used to tell his friends, “watch, that’s gonna be my wife one day.” About three years ago, that prediction came true! Guadalupe works on the powder line, where they clean our products and paint them with a special powder coating process (read more about that process here!). She says her favorite thing about Marco is his admirable work ethic. “He’s responsible, he likes being ahead.”

Jasmin was the most recent Patino to join Folding Guard, starting with us in 2018. She is an administrator in the Specials Welding department, taking orders and creating schedules. As a stay-at-home mom whose daughter had just started school, she was looking for something to do, and her brother mentioned that Folding Guard was hiring. Jasmin thought it sounded like a great opportunity. She says her favorite thing about working with Marco is that she gets to see him more often than she would otherwise. As the administrator in the Specials Welding department, she and Marco work side by side all day long, making the department a veritable Patino powerhouse.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with her family, Guadalupe says that she loves how they’re all able to respect each other and the jobs they do. They give each other the space to be independent and do their work, but they’re always there for one another when they need to be.

All three Patinos are dedicated to their jobs here at Folding Guard, and their pride in each other reflects in the fantastic work they do every day. We’re so glad the Patinos are part of our Folding Guard family.