Sister Acct: Maria and Yolanda, Accounting Sisters


Welcome back to Families at Folding Guard, where we like to highlight some of our fabulous families who come to work here together every day and give you a chance to meet our team! This month, we’re focusing on Maria and Yolanda, two sisters who work together in our accounting department.

These sisters have been with Folding Guard for a long time, both starting back in 1995. Maria started first, working as a receptionist, and when there was an opening, she knew it was a perfect opportunity for her sister. Yolanda says that this was her first real job; she loves it because it’s where she “learned everything.” Yolanda started as a receptionist, like Maria, and both sisters moved around to almost every department imaginable.

Yolanda says she likes that FG has given her the chance to try different departments and explore her different interests all while progressing in the same company. When asked about working in so many departments, she says “It’s good to know how one thing affects the whole [company].”

While both Maria and Yolanda have worked in numerous departments, they’ve been in our accounting department in their current roles since 2006, with Maria in Accounts Payable, and Yolanda in Receivables.

I asked the sisters what it’s like to work together, and Maria said that working with Yolanda makes her job easier, because she feels so comfortable with her and can ask her anything. Yolanda agreed, and added that her favorite part of working with Maria is that she gets to see her more than she would otherwise. With their own homes, lives, and kids, the sisters really only get to see each other when they come to work.

Maria, as the big sister, says that she’s proud of how Yolanda got to this position from where she began. “She’s grown a lot from where she started.” We’re proud of both sisters for continuing to grow with our company after all these years, and we hope this sister act is here to stay.

Thanks for joining us for another installment of Families at Folding Guard! Be sure to check out our previous entries to learn more about the great families who work here.