The Villaseñors: Best Friends, Coworkers, Father and Son


Welcome back to Families at Folding Guard, where we like to highlight some of the amazing families who come to work at FG together.

This month, we spoke with Angel and Ricardo Villaseñor, a father and son who both work here at Folding Guard. Angel has been working at FG in our shipping department for over fifteen years, and his son Ricardo joined him just three years ago. Ricardo first joined at Folding Guard for the simple reason that he needed a job. Angel suggested that he try working for FG, and if he liked it he could stay. Three years later, Ricardo definitely doesn’t regret his decision.

He started out working as his dad’s helper in the shipping department, where Angel makes the all the shipping pallets for the company, but three months in Ricardo moved over to Maintenance. While he no longer works directly with Angel, as a Maintenance worker, Ricardo is all over the plant every day, programming robots and repairing machines in every department.

When asked how he likes working with his dad, Ricardo said “With me and my dad it’s just like best friends. I can talk to my dad about anything no problem. We just talk about everything.” Angel agreed that it’s great to have Ricardo around at work. “He’s never failed me, he’s always come out ahead. Whenever he does a task he does it well. I’ve always had [him] with me, always.”

The Villaseñors definitely make quite a team. Ricardo even worked with his father at a different company back when he was in high school, so they’re used to balancing their working relationship along with their father/son dynamic. Angel says that nothing has really changed since Ricardo came to work at Folding Guard, and that there’s a great sense of trust and respect amongst everyone at work.

At Folding Guard, we’ve known for years that Angel and Ricardo take great pride in their work, but it’s wonderful to see the pride that they have for one another as father and son as well. When asked what he is most proud of his dad for, Ricardo replied without hesitation, “Everything, but I might not be able to find the words to explain it.”

Angel did have the words, however: “I am very proud to have you by my side. I’ve always been proud of you since you were born.”

We’re proud as well, to have a dynamic and talented family like the Villaseñors working on the Folding Guard team.

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