Families at Folding Guard: Ode to the Ortegas


Welcome back to Families at Folding Guard, where we like to feature some of the fantastic families who work together here at FG. This month, we spoke with the Ortega family, which includes brothers Antonio and Javier, and Antonio’s son Adrian.

Antonio works as a welder and has been with Folding Guard the longest out of his family members, logging an impressive 16 years with the company. Both his brother and his son, when asked about what they are most proud of Antonio for, are quick to mention his commendable work ethic. When asked about his father, Adrian said that he is especially proud of “how long he’s been [with the company] and how good of a welder he is,” and Javier says that Antonio is a “good brother, co-worker, and friend.” 

Javier came to Folding Guard just two years after his brother, and joined our Assembly department. With 14 years of experience under his belt, Javier is someone who, according to his proud nephew, is an extremely hard worker. He rarely takes days off, and his dedication is reflected in the excellent work he does here.

Adrian’s pride in his father and uncle is unmistakable. Adrian himself only joined the FG family a few weeks ago, and is learning the ropes from his Uncle Javier in the Assembly department. He says he enjoys working with dad and his uncle, because the typical new-job jitters he might normally feel are absent; with his uncle as his trainer, he feels comfortable asking questions and is fitting in right away.

Javier and Antonio are undoubtedly proud and excited to have Adrian at work. They assert proudly that he is not one to shy away from hard work, and that he’s a smart, fast learner. His father, Antonio, knows that Adrian will fit in right away at Folding Guard. “He’s very sociable and friendly with everyone. He’s a good son.”

Not one to be outdone with the heartwarming compliments, Adrian has plenty to say about his dad and his uncle. When asked to tell us something nice or interesting that people might not know about the brothers, Adrian said of Javier, “He’s very artistic and good at drawing.” Javier even used to help Adrian with his projects at school. And of his father, Adrian again mentions how impressed he is with his father’s work ethic and welding skills, but also his intellect, saying that he combines his skills to “fabricate his own ideas and make them,” building projects at home.

One thing is clear: this terrific trio is on the rise. We’re so grateful to Antonio and Javier for their years of hard work and dedication to this company, and we’re so excited for Adrian to join our team. We can’t wait to see where their careers continue to take them.

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