Why does your facility need a Driver Cage?


Injury, theft, hazards, and liability: these are just a few of the issues you can avoid at your facility by installing a Facility Access Security Cage to your loading dock. A Facility Access Security Cage, also known as a Driver Access Cage, is a welded wire mesh enclosure, locked from inside of your facility and accessible from the loading dock by drivers or visitors to your warehouse.

Safety and security are two words every warehouse facility should live by, and Driver Cages are one of the best ways to ensure that your warehouse is meeting both of those expectations at all times.


Warehouses of any kind always have a lot of moving parts and can be hazardous to anyone. This is especially true for someone not wearing PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment, like a delivery driver or visitor. By making sure these people enter only through a Facility Access Security Cage, or Driver Cage, you’re ensuring that they’re inside a safe, neutral zone, where no equipment or moving parts can be a danger to them. This keeps your facility safe from any liability, keeps your visitors safe from any potential hazards, and keeps your operation running smoothly. Facility Access Cages can be further used for the safety of your employees as emergency exits from your warehouse, with the push doors from the warehouse opening into the cage and out into the loading dock area in the event of an emergency.


Your inventory is important. The livelihoods of you, your employees, and your clients depend on it. For that reason, you can’t just have anyone walk in off the street and wander around your warehouse. You need all people and all items to be accounted for at all times. That’s why a Facility Access Security Cage is the best safeguard against random warehouse wanderers. No one can walk in to your warehouse off the street. Delivery drivers and visitors can wait in these secure, safe, and comfortable cages for someone from your facility to receive them. Driver Cages can also come equipped with service windows to sign for shipments. The only access to the warehouse is locked from the warehouse side, ensuring no one entering from the loading dock can enter without an escort.

Facility Access Security Cages come in many shapes and sizes for warehouses and inventories of all kinds, but the standard is the same: maintain a safe and secure environment for your employees, vendors, visitors, and inventory.

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