Forty Years at Folding Guard


Here at Folding Guard, we know that there is no better reflection of our company and our values than our hardworking employees. In honor of them, we’ve decided to start this new mini-series in our blog entitled “Spotlight on Service,” dedicated to all the hardworking members of our Folding Guard team who make our high quality products, and who make our company a great place to work.

To kick off this series, there was no better team member to shine the spotlight on than Fidel, our longest tenured employee. Fidel has been with Folding Guard since 1980, making this his 40th year of service with the company. Currently working as the Receiving Clerk, Fidel started his career at Folding Guard with a five-year stint in the Punch Department. After this, Fidel moved onto Shipping and Receiving. He tells us that in Folding Guard’s old location, this was one department. In fact, Fidel says that in his time here, he’s worked in all departments.

A true Renaissance man of Folding Guard, Fidel has done it all in his forty years here. When asked what his favorite role has been, he says, “I like to drive the forklift. This is my favorite job here.” Even today, he multitasks between the receiving office and operation duties out on the floor which include operating the forklift.

Fidel is the guy who does it all. “I know how to make everything,” he tells us proudly. This is true outside of work, as well. Fidel enjoys being handy around the home, as he has built everything in and around his own house. He also likes to learn about airplanes. Fidel has a lovely family and three sons, one of whom also works at Folding Guard (watch this blog for a future spotlight on the Families of Folding Guard)!

When asked what his favorite memory at Folding Guard is, Fidel says he can’t think of just one, but that “every day we find something different […] something special.” Perhaps that’s why he’s stayed for so long, but no matter the reason, we can’t thank Fidel enough for his forty phenomenal years of service!