Veterans Day: Spotlight on Service Special Edition


It’s time for another edition of Spotlight on Service here on the Folding Guard Blog. Because it’s Veterans Day this week, we decided to change up the way we normally do our Spotlight on Service post. Typically, these entries are dedicated specifically to Folding Guard team members who have worked for the company for a notable length of time. This week, however, we want to highlight a different kind of service and recognize some of the veterans who came to work for our company after serving their country.

Lonnie Burke works as a Production Lead here at Folding Guard, and has been with us for 5 years. Before joining the company, he served in the United States Navy for 4 years as a Yeoman 3rd Class Petty Officer. Lonnie joined the Navy in 2003, eager to travel the world. He says that what he remembers most fondly about his time in the Navy is experiencing the cultures of the countries he travelled to. Lonnie spent his time in the Navy stationed at the Naval Air Station Oceana. Even though Lonnie is a civilian again, he hasn’t lost his love of traveling and learning about the world. In his spare time, Lonnie enjoys watching National Geographic, as well as doing arts and crafts.

Bob Golis is another veteran that we’re proud to have working here at Folding Guard. He has been working at FG for 5 years as a Lead Material Handler and Receiving Associate, but he came to us with a storied military background. Bob’s military career was spent in the Army, where he was a Sergeant. He says he chose the Army in particular because it was his ambition to be an Airborne Paratrooper (a goal he accomplished). Throughout his 12 years of service, which began in 1986, Bob was stationed all over the world with posts ranging from Fort Bragg in North Carolina to Fort Story in Virginia Beach, and multiple posts in Germany. Of all of these, Bob remembers his time at Fort Bragg most fondly, because he and his brother were stationed there at the same time. While assigned to different units, the two brothers were able to spend a lot of time together. Bob reflects proudly that he and his brother are the only Airborne Paratroopers in their family to date (and he comes from a large family of 6 sisters and 3 brothers!). Now that he’s a civilian again, Bob likes to spend his spare time with his daughter and his family. He likes going on walks with his dog, Angie, and he loves working on cars and all things technology.

We’re very proud of Lonnie, Bob, and all of the other veterans we have working here at Folding Guard. We want to sincerely thank our Folding Guard veterans along with all veterans, for their service. Don’t forget to thank a veteran you know this week. Happy Veterans Day to all of the brave men and women who have served our country!