Finding Folding Guard: Where do our products go?


Here at Folding Guard, we make a wide variety of versatile products, but who uses these products? What sorts of businesses purchase from us, and what benefit do they see from using our goods? Today we’re going to take a look at just a few of the wide variety of applications for our products, and what sorts of places you can find them.


We make high-quality, durable, industrial-level fencing designed with safety in mind, so it stands to reason that one of our primary demographics is the manufacturing industry. Our partitions and machine guarding systems are made from welded wire mesh and primarily finished with powder coating, making them incredibly durable and also highly adaptable.

The welded wire can be made with small openings so that machine guarding can be installed closer to hazard. The dimensions of our fencing systems are all able to be custom fit, making them an excellent option for manufacturing and warehouse facilities of all sizes.

Saf-T-Fence Machine Guarding - Folding Guard


Another place you can find Folding Guard products is in condominiums and apartment buildings! We often outfit these types of buildings with tenant storage lockers, either in basements or garages.

Like our machine guarding, our tenant storage lockers are made from our adaptable welded wire mesh, which can be customized to fit a specific space. Our Stor-More® tenant storage lockers can be cut to fit around pipes, stacked to create multiple storage tiers, and can even be hung above parking spaces to maximize space.

Saf-T- Fence Tenant Storage Made in USA by Folding Guard


Military facilities are the homes and workplaces to thousands of servicemen and women, and they tend to carry and work with expensive, high-grade weapons and gear. These facilities often come to Folding Guard to purchase our TA-50 Military Lockers, which provide both storage and security for gear and equipment. The open mesh design allows for quick visual inspection and ventilation, and the three-point locking system offers unbeatable security.


We’ve all been to a store and sheepishly asked an employee to “check in the back” for more of a particular item when we can’t find it on the sales floor. Generally these back rooms contain boxes or loose inventory, stacked on shelving to keep somewhat “organized chaos”. At Folding Guard, we often supply retailers with the lockers and pallet rack backing systems used in the mysterious “back room”, to house inventory and keep inventory organized and secure.

Our storage lockers can be used for inventory storage (like the military lockers, the mesh allows for quick visual inspection and ventilation), for important documents and files, or even cash boxes or high-value items. In larger retail locations, there might be full pallets of inventory in the back, in which case we would supply pallet rack backing to ensure safe storage.

Not only does pallet rack backing protect workers and customers from potential hazards (like items accidentally pushed off the back of a pallet onto a passing employee), but it can also prevent costly inventory damage and save you money in the long run.


The previously listed categories are some of the places you can most frequently find Folding Guard products, but our high quality wire mesh safety, security, and storage products are used by all kinds of businesses all over the country! For example, we sell safe and comfortable crates to animal shelters, secure and practical security fencing for data centers, and so much more.

Image of Data center partition provided by Folding Guard

To learn more about Folding Guard’s line of products, browse through our website and contact your local sales rep today to see how our products can instill a safer and more organized space for your business!