What Is A Loss Prevention Cabinet, and Do I Really Need One?


Security – it’s one of our three business pillars here at Folding Guard, along with Safety and Storage. The importance of security, especially in a business, cannot be overstated. There are the big things: the facility, the machines, the products, and, of course, most paramount, the safety of your employees. For these security measures, you no doubt have full systems, cameras, heavy-duty locks, and alarms installed.

But what about the [physically] smaller things that need to be secured, such as sensitive information, a cash box, HR records, hard copies of files, or high-value retail items? You should have the peace of mind that these are stored in a secure location that you can check on and access frequently, but that can’t be damaged or easily broken into.

That’s where a loss prevention cabinet, or loss prevention storage locker, comes in. These cabinets are perfect for anyone who needs a place to store multiple sensitive files, cash boxes, or high-value items.

While many of these cabinets in the industry are simple steel lockers, our loss prevention cabinets are made of welded wire mesh panels, which is important and useful for a few reasons. First and foremost, the cabinets allow for sprinklers to spray inside the cabinet, preventing potential fires from spreading further throughout the space. The mesh also gives you the chance to do a quick once-over of your cabinet whenever you enter the space, ensuring that your valuables are still in place.

Honestly, that’s a big part of what security is about – reassurance. We want reassurance that no one will break into our home, so we install a security system and stick their sign in our front yard to ward off would-be burglars. We want reassurance that no one will steal from our business, so we have cameras and alarms installed, and we sleep a bit easier at night.

Standalone loss prevention cabinets can be used for any number of your high-value storage needs and used across several different businesses and industries. You can store a myriad of small, important items in these cabinets and know that they’re secure, such as:

  • HR records
  • Sensitive company files
  • Consignment inventory
  • Retail items (especially those of high-value)
  • Tools or parts
  • Evidence (if you work in law enforcement)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • PPE if you run a small business like a dental office
  • Jewelry
  • Liquor

Any or all of these items could be stored in a loss prevention storage locker, and so much more.

What’s more is that the built-in cylinder lock ensures only the key-holder can access the cabinet, and the wire mesh exterior provides visual inspection of valuable items and inventory whenever you need it, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind that limited people have access to it.

No one wants to think of possible internal theft, but unfortunately it happens more frequently than not. According to reports, 37.5% of all employees make theft a habit, whether it’s from physically stealing money, or inventory and retail shrinkage. Safeguarding against employee theft with the use of a sole key-holder, as well as general burglary, is just a smart business practice that can save you headaches further down the road.

Loss prevention storage lockers have a sleek metallic design and can fit seamlessly in any room you need them to: a back office, a receiving area, a warehouse, or even retail stores and sales floors.

Our Stor-More® Loss Prevention Cabinet model comes in a variety of sizing options, making it truly versatile. You wouldn’t hesitate to protect your home, your business, your family, or your employees, so don’t hesitate to protect the smaller details that provide for the important aspects of your life. A loss prevention storage cabinet might protect small assets, but the reassurance you’ll feel knowing those assets are safe, is anything but small.

Check out our Stor-More® Loss Prevention Cabinets and request a quote to get lockers installed in your business.