Long Live Lulu – 17 Years at FG and Counting!


Welcome back to Spotlight on Service, where we like to highlight some of our long-tenured team members here at Folding Guard. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Lourdes Lopez!

Lourdes “Lulu” Lopez has been working for Folding Guard for almost eighteen years now, and she doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon!

“I really like my job! I want to stay until I’m sixty-five!” Lulu says of her work. In her seventeen years on the job, Lulu has worked in multiple areas, but her current job is as a General Operator in the Mesh Welding Department. She helps to bend the mesh, clean the posts, pulls the mesh from the machines, and helps load wire from the wire-cutting machine. In short, Lulu does it all! When asked what her favorite memory of her time at Folding Guard is, Lulu says she absolutely loves making the panels!

As much as she loves her job, Lulu also has an incredibly rich home life. With 5 people in her house, she has quite a job keeping it clean all the time, but she says it’s the thing she loves to do the most outside of work. “It’s beautiful, my house! I like to look down at my shoes and see my reflection!” Lulu is also very crafty, and loves to do projects around her home. She even built her own fence for the house out of scrap metal!

Luckily for her team at Folding Guard, Lulu likes to bring her talents to work during the holidays. Every year, she uses her excellent crafting skills to turn our break room into a festive holiday wonderland! With Lulu’s creative touch FG really feels like home during the holidays.

We’re so glad Lulu continues to choose Folding Guard as her place of work and her second home. We’re very proud to count her among our team here at FG, and we hope she continues on with us straight through to retirement!