Safely Store With Saf-T-Stor®!


In any home or business, safety should be everyone’s number one priority. At Folding Guard, we take safety very seriously. We even spotlight it on this blog once a month (check out last week’s blog about ANSI standards!).

When everyone is dedicated to safety, the likelihood of injuries and accidents is lessened, and everyone’s environment becomes much safer. Any good leader can tell you, however, that safety isn’t just a mindset – it’s an investment.

If you want your business or home to be truly safe and secure, you need to invest in quality products to make sure you’re meeting those standards.

You wouldn’t buy a security system without a working alarm and non-functional cameras, would you? How about installing a fire alarm with no working sprinklers and a faulty alarm bell? Of course not, and industrial safety concerns are no different.

Integrating storage solutions is a great way to further safety, too. Whether it be in a warehouse, basement, or manufacturing facility, clutter invites all kinds of hazards, especially slips and trips (learn more about how to prevent slips, trips, and falls here!)  By properly storing your items, you can decrease clutter and maximize both your space and your safety.

But what about more volatile substances that need secure storage? For instance, gas cylinders; you can’t just pop those in any old storage locker with your run-of-the-mill boxes and equipment. Gas cylinders need their own safe storage cabinets, properly labeled and separated from other storage lockers.

The best option for a gas cylinder cabinet is something in the likes of Folding Guard’s Saf-T-Stor® Cylinder Cabinet, a galvanized wire mesh cabinet that exceeds OSHA’s requirements for such products.

Any proper gas cylinder cabinet needs good ventilation, which is why wire mesh is ideal. The galvanized finish can withstand elements, fighting off rust and corrosion no matter where you chose to store your tanks. The Saf-T-Stor® Gas Cylinder Cabinet comes in a variety of sizes and specifications to fit any facility’s needs: horizontal, vertical, and with a combination of different storage configurations.

Various configurations of Folding Guard’s Saf-T-Store® Gas Cylinder Cabinet

Check your building’s fire code for specific instructions on where to store your gas cylinders. However, generally they should be stored in a dry, properly ventilated storage area away from heat and sun exposure.

Gas cylinder storage should also be kept clear from doorways, aisles, elevators, and stairs. Additionally, make sure your cabinet is properly labeled. All Saf-T-Stor® lockers come with an OSHA-compliant “Danger Flammable Material” sign.

With a system like the Saf-T-Stor® locker, you’ll know that your gas cylinders are safe, secure, and protected from damage, theft, and unauthorized access. The system offers security, proper ventilation, and durability.

Perhaps most importantly, a proper gas cylinder cabinet, like the Saf-T-Stor®, offers peace of mind. Knowing you’ve gone the extra mile to make your workplace as safe as it can be for you and your employees, makes the extra safety and storage measures worth it.