What Makes Storage Lockers Safe & Secure?


Safety, Security, and Storage are the three standards around which we’ve built our business here at Folding Guard. As such, we like to think we know a little something about storage lockers and the security they can provide.

Storage lockers serve wide variety of functions, and at FG we sell them for innumerable purposes. Some of the most common uses, however, are loss prevention, tenant storage, military storage, and gas cylinder storage. In this blog, we’ll discuss these types lockers and more, and what makes them a safe and secure storage solution.


As you may know from our Spotlight on Safety blog series, we take safety very seriously here at Folding Guard, and all of our storage locker models are designed with safety in mind.

Organizing and storing items, especially in a warehouse or office setting, is already a great step toward safety. Clutter in any workspace can be dangerous, so storage lockers are a great way to declutter your office or warehouse space.

All of FG’s storage lockers are made from wire mesh, which is great for a number of reasons: you can see the contents of your storage locker and keep a visual inventory, and more importantly it allows for fire sprinklers to douse the cabinet, if necessary, in case of a fire.

If you do have any flammable contents in a cabinet, make sure they’re properly labeled. In fact, Folding Guard has Gas Cylinder Cabinets made specifically to hold up against rust and corrosion, and to provide proper ventilation with wire mesh. Be sure to check your building’s fire code on where to store your Gas Cylinder Cabinet.


Once safety is covered, it’s important to know that your facility and the contents of your storage lockers are secure. Folding Guard has you covered. Our storage lockers have several security backstops that you can count on.

Our cabinets are all made of wire mesh, which is wide enough to see through and take visual stock of your inventory, but not nearly wide enough to reach through.

Each cabinet has a single built-in cylinder lock that can only be accessed by the key-holder (the only exception to this is the Dispatcher Locker, which has multiple individual lockers, and the option of a rear door addition on the back so that employees can be given daily work orders and equipment).

Our TA-50 Military Lockers feature full-height doors with a three-point locking system and a built-in padlock hasp. These lockers are also made with wire mesh to allow for rapid visual inspection upon entry.

The added ventilation, access to sprinklers, and increased visibility provided by the wire mesh alone, makes Folding Guard storage lockers incredibly safe and secure, not to mention the state-of-the-art cylinder locks.

Whether you need to store gas cylinders or some sensitive documents, Folding Guard has you covered. Check out our Storage section to learn more about our different storage locker options, and find out which one is right for you.