Meet Martin: 32 Years of Service


Welcome back to Spotlight on Service, where we like to highlight some of our team members who have been with us the longest. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Martin Cardenas, who has been with Folding Guard for an impressive 32 years!

Martin started his career with us as an operator, as seen in the picture above from 1994. Back then, Folding Guard was in a different location than we are today. It was in our old plant that Martin met his wife, Ernestina, when she was working at the laundromat next door. Ernestina is now a proud FG team member as well! You can read more about Martin and Ernestina’s love story and their time at Folding Guard together in their Families at Folding Guard article from a few months back. 

After working as an operator, Martin rose through the ranks to his current position as Production Floor Supervisor. His co-workers say that Martin is a stickler for efficiency, and is known around the plant for making sure that his orders get out the door on time. Martin loves his job, and says his fondest memories at Folding Guard are meeting his wife Ernestina, and all of the friends he’s made throughout his 32 years. When asked what he’s most proud of, Martin replies that he’s learned a lot in his time here, and that he’s proud that he was able to grow his career from operator to supervisor.

We’re proud, as well, to have had Martin on the Folding Guard team for 32 years and counting. We couldn’t ask for a better production supervisor. Thanks for everything you do, Martin!

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