The Lifecycle of a Folding Guard Project


Here at Folding Guard, we complete all of our projects and orders with meticulous attention to detail. It’s truly a team effort, and one we take a lot of pride in. Whether it’s a standard order or one custom made to fit a specific need, we complete our projects with efficiency that never comes at the expense of quality. This week, we’re going to take you through the “project life cycle” of a typical FG item, from conception to fruition. 


Every project begins as a request. When our sales team receives the request, they dive right in on project concept design. Depending on the complexity of the request, an Account Executive or CAD (computer-aided design) specialist will create a layout sketch or CAD drawing, which allows the customer to visualize the solution and helps the sales team to generate the quote. The customer can then approve the drawing and quote, or request changes. 

Once the sketch and the quote are approved, the idea moves along to the manufacturing stage. Sometimes the orders are standard, and sometimes customization is necessary. When this happens, the order is directed to the specials department, where Engineering can design everything from customized brackets to doors and posts. All throughout this process, our planners are making sure our inventory is fully stocked to forestall any possible delays in the project. 


Once the concept is completed and approved, the idea moves to the manufacturing floor! First, mesh welding robots fuse the grid of the panel together. Meanwhile, brackets and foot plates are welded to posts and the frame is welded together. Next, the frame and the mesh grid are welded together, and the final product starts to take shape.

After being welded and fabricated to the necessary specifications, the product moves on to the Powder Coating Department. Powder coating is a more durable and economical alternative to traditional paint, and finishes the look of a product in a variety of available colors. Besides our standard color palette, our powder coating can be matched to any required RAL color, too. 

The powder coating process is a fascinating one, involving a conveyor belt, magnetic particles, and an oven. Rather than a wet, liquid paint job, powder coating is a free-flowing dry powder, which after application, is cured using heat or UV light (for more information, check this out!). Because of the unique application, it is resistant to fading and chipping, unlike traditional paint.

Once powder coating is complete, the manufacturing process is nearly finished. Depending on the product, the next step is handled by either the Locker or Door Assembly Departments. With the help of our Hardware Department, these teams fit the pieces of the project together and ensure it is installation ready.


Manufacturing is complete! After the Powder Coating and Assembly Departments complete the finishing touches, the project heads over to Shipping! At this phase of the project, when it’s ready to ship out, our Packaging Department will palletize and shrink wrap it, for extra protection. 

We take great care and pride in our products, and always do our best to ensure a safe and expedient delivery. Once a product arrives, it’s ready for installation, and soon ready for customer use.


The team here at Folding Guard is very detail-oriented and works tirelessly throughout the entire life cycle of a project to ensure both a quality and quick delivery. It’s a true “all hands on deck” scenario, and everyone from Sales to Shipping plays a part in the process. 

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