Store and Score! The Benefits of Providing Tenant Storage Lockers


As a property owner, what are the benefits of providing in-building storage options for your tenants? Is it really worth the cost of installation? Why give up the space in your sparsely used basement or garage? Can you really afford it, anyway? The answer is YES, AND you’ll make money doing it.


Car Locker

Don’t waste an inch of space! Tenant Storage Lockers are the best way to maximize any extra space you may have in your rental building. Whether you have a massive high rise with an expansive basement or a modest brownstone with a small storm cellar, tenant storage lockers can be reconfigured to fit any space and meet the needs of both you and your tenants. Made from wire mesh and incredibly versatile, they can fit floor to ceiling as one single tier locker, or be stacked in two or three tiers to maximize space and offer a variety of locker options for different tenants’ needs. If individual lockers don’t suit your needs, wire mesh partitions can also be outfitted to make storage “rooms”.

Alternatively, if you are using a garage and want to house cars and sell storage space, wire mesh is well-suited for over-car storage lockers, giving you the advantage of offering two amenities in one. The lockers are also easy to move after installation should they need to be reconfigured to better suit you or your tenants’ needs. Perhaps most importantly, the lockers offer a very attractive selling point to potential tenants as an alternative to off-site storage options for out-of-season belongings.

MAXIMIZE YOUR ROI (Return on Investment)

Wire mesh can be modified to fit pre-existing structures

Of course, by offering this additional amenity, you’ll be entitled to increase your tenants’ rent. Most property owners who install tenant storage lockers in their buildings find they recover their cost within mere months of installation. Most lockers are made of wire mesh, which, when finished with powder coating (learn more about that fascinating process here!) is virtually maintenance free. This sets it apart from alternatives like wooden storage sheds that might warp or buckle, again making it more appealing to your potential tenants. Wire mesh is also a safer option than wood, helping to meet fire safety codes, and not requiring alterations to HVAC, lighting, or sprinkler systems for installation. An additional safety advantage is that you can see the contents in a wire-mesh locker, ensuring that your tenants can’t store any hazardous materials or belongings. In short, wire mesh locker system installation is safe, smooth, and easy, and the lack of maintenance required means upkeep costs will be minimal. Your return on investment, therefore, will be substantial.


Saf-T-Fence® Partitions used as small storage “rooms”

By offering an on-site storage unit to your tenants and having multiple, flexible sizes and options, you’ll be far more appealing to potential tenants. Providing Tenant Storage Lockers will give you a competitive edge over other buildings in your area. Don’t hesitate to install these versatile units in your property. Check out Folding Guard’s website and this flyer to find out which configuration, sizes, and types of lockers will work best for your property. We’d love to help find the right fit for your building.