Jovito Garduno – The Family Man of Folding Guard


In this month’s Spotlight on Service, we’d like to highlight another one of our long-tenured employees: Jovito Garduno. Jovito has been with the Folding Guard family for 28 years as one of our Forklift Drivers. Now, operating a forklift is no easy task. There are maintenance checklists to be completed, safety checks to conduct, and then there’s the actual driving and lifting! With nearly 30 years of experience under his belt, however, Jovito is one of the best.

Though he’s a dedicated employee and a hard worker, Jovito isn’t an “all work and no play” sort of man; when asked what his proudest accomplishment is, he immediately steers away from talking about work and glows with pride as he speaks of his family. He has a wife and four adult children, as well as 18 grandkids! He is immensely proud of each one of them, and says they’re all very happy and healthy.

As for Folding Guard, Jovito says that his favorite memories are the friends that he’s made along the way in his 28 years here. We’re so glad that Jovito has stayed with us for so long, and that working at Folding Guard has given him the chance to grow his family and, most importantly, spend time with them. Thanks for 28 years of service with the Folding Guard Family, Jovito, and here’s to many more!