The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) recently published an American National Standard regarding the performance and testing requirements of steel mesh containment panels used in pallet rack and vertical storage systems applications. At Folding Guard, we’re extremely excited about this accomplishment, not only because it will help to educate the user community about the importance and value of integrating this protective guarding solution into their storage operation, but also because our Engineering Manager, Greg Schweinberg, was instrumental in the drafting of the standard. Greg, along with other members of ProGMA’s Wire Partition Engineering committee, worked for over three years to draft, test and canvass this standard.

Our Qwik-Fence® Pallet Rack Backing has been tested against the requirements of this standard.

Read more about the purpose and impact of MH31.1-2019 — Steel Mesh Containment Panels used in Pallet Rack and Vertical Storage Systems Applications: Performance and Testing Requirementshere.

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