Last year we launched a distributor program to recognize and incentivize our loyal partners. We knew the program would bring great success, but we never imagined we’d be so happy to give out so much money in rebates! One of our top-performing distributors earned nearly $20,000 due to their impressive 2020 sales!

We’re so excited to congratulate our loyal distributors who earned tiers through their 2020 sales, even despite the difficult market circumstances.


Congratulations to the Guardians that earned tier status in 2020!

To earn Platinum status, the following partners sold over $75,000 in 2020:

AME Companies
Beaton Industrial
Building Material Supply, Inc.
Cisco-Eagle, Inc.
Container Systems, Inc.
Madsen & Howell, Inc.
Material Systems
Northwest Handling Systems
Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
Unistructural Support Systems Ltd.


To earn Gold status, the following partners sold between $50,000 – $74,999 in 2020:

AK Material Handling Systems
BSC Industries, Inc.
Hassel Material Handling
Midwest Fence & Manufacturing Co.
Protech Systems


To earn Silver status, the following partners sold between $25,000 – $49,999 in 2020:

Acme Dock Specialists, Inc.
Advanced Handling Solutions
Advanced Handling Solutions, Inc.
American Material Specialist
A-Mezz Industrial Structures, Inc.
Andrews & Hamilton Co.
Carolina Chutes & Equipment
Elite Engineered Solutions
Solution Dynamics, Inc.
Storage & Distribution Systems
Storage Concepts, Inc.
Ted’s Supply
The Davis Groupe LLC


We’re so thankful to our loyal distributors for their hard work during a tough year. In addition to earning great rebates based on their sales, Guardians have access to a number of other benefits.

Some of the highlights of The Guardian Program include:

  • Rebates on YOY growth
  • Lead generation and sales assistance
  • Access to outstanding marketing
  • Ability to earn increases on product discounts
  • Free demo units
  • A place on our website¬†Distributor Locator
  • And so much more!


Are you interested in becoming a Guardian?

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