Wov-N-Wire® Partitions

Durable, traditional and competitively-priced fencing for separating and securing areas

Wov-N-Wire® Partitions are the traditional enclosure system specified by architects and contractors. The 10-gauge steel wire is woven to create a durable, high-quality system that can be designed to any height up to 25′.

With the ability to be configured into a 2-, 3-, or 4-sided room, Wov-N-Wire® Partitions can be used for a variety of applications, such as enclosing work areas or creating secure storage cages and stock rooms. The rooms can also be configured to include a roof or a service window.

Pre-Designed Room Kits

Room kits are economical, easy to install and available in a variety of configurations – all of which include a sliding door.

Modular System

The Wov-N-Wire® system consists of standard panels available in a variety of widths and heights.


This is the option if you have an existing, older install that needs to be matched.

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    Wov-N-Wire® Partitions


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    Saf-T-Fence Partitions Made in America from Folding Guard


    Standard Height7' | 8' | 10'7' | 8' | 10' | 12'7' | 8' | 10'
    Other Heights Available-5' 3" up to 20'5' 3" | 9'
    Mesh1.5” Diagonal 10 Ga. Woven Wire1.25" x 2.5" Grid, 8 Ga. Welded Wire1.25" x 2.5" Grid, 10 Ga. Welded Wire
    Frame14 Ga. ChannelNone1.5" x 1.5", 14 Ga. Angle
    Post1" x 3.5" U-Channel2" x 2", 16 Ga. Tube2" x 2", 16 Ga. Tube
    Base Plate5" x 9" x 0.1875" Thick4" x 6" x 0.25" Thick4" x 6" x 0.25" Thick
    Fastening MethodThrough Bolted (1/4"-20 Bolts)Through Bolted (1/4"-20 Bolts)Through Bolted (1/4"-20 Bolts)
    FinishPowder CoatPowder CoatedPowder Coat
    Standard ColorMachine GrayBlackBlack
    Other Colors AvailableNoYesYes
    Adaptability in Field
    Accessibility for Maintenance
    Lead TimeContact your local sales representative for more information.Contact your local sales representative for more information.Contact your local sales representative for more information.
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