Wov-N-Wire - Folding Guard

Wov-N-Wire Partitions

Durable, economical fencing for separating and securing areas.

Woven wire partitions are the traditional enclosure system specified by architects and contractors. Our Wov-N-Wire partitions or security cages have become an industry favorite thanks to our ability to offer a durable, high-quality access-control solution at a competitive price.

  • Quality construction – partitions are 10-gauge steel wire, woven into an extremely strong 1-1/2” diamond mesh. Frames, posts, and components are all steel. Panel hardware is accessible only from the inside of partition for added security. Open, woven wire mesh design provides an unobstructed view and allows air circulation and light penetration while providing security.
  • Economical – we offer superior woven wire partitions at an economical price. And we welcome cost and quality comparisons with other manufacturers of wire partitions and security cages.
  • Modular ‐ the component system makes it easy to design woven wire partitions up to 25-feet in height. Partition doors are pre-hung, cutting installation time in half. Woven wire partitions are easily disassembled and relocated, making reconfiguration faster and less expensive.
  • Maintenance-free – our woven wire partitions have a long-lasting, maintenance-free gray powder coating finish.
  • Multiple applications – woven wire partitions are ideal for separating and securing any space in industrial, commercial, or governmental environments. Woven wire partitions can be used to enclose work areas, to create secure storage cages in factories and warehouses, and to provide access control and loss prevention. Our woven wire partitions are perfect for stock rooms and commercial storage facilities.